2023 audi e tron battery life

With a battery that offers Audi owners an EPA estimated 226 miles between complete charges, the new 2023 Audi e-tron®'s long term battery life length depends entirely on how you drive. Driving habitually in poor weather conditions or at sustained higher speeds, as well as frequent braking and abrupt shifting can decrease your e-tron® battery life over time. Read on to learn about Audi e-tron® battery optimization, maintenance, and technology.

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How Does Audi Predict My e-tron® Battery Range?

Firstly, Audi battery technology creates and analyzes two scenarios. The first scenario is calculated while your navigation is actively working. All estimated consumption gathered from the route's profile, like predicted traffic, stop lights, elevation, detours, and whether or not air-conditioning or heating use is needed, is analyzed.

When you're not using navigation, the average of the last 62.1 miles, along with previous air-conditioning/heating usage is applied to arrive at an estimated battery range. If Audi e-tron® drivers switch their convenience consumers on and off using the range monitor, a driver's direct impact on the range prognosis can also be viewed.

Audi e-tron® Battery Range Optimization

If your goals are as green as Audi's, you're probably wondering how you can get the most optimized battery range out of your Audi e-tron®. Follow these Audi provided tips for doing so:

  • Regulate your speed using the accelerator pedal and regenerative braking
  • Set your MMI system range mode to on
  • Employ 3-stage coasting energy recuperation via steering wheel paddles
  • Reducing air-conditioning/heating use
  • Pre-condition your battery while it's connected to its charger

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